Dreams do come true..

Life is a challenge,

And one should not run away,

It’s like searching for gold in the sand,

Do not lose hope, learn to stay.

For if you build a castle,

Wind might blow it away,

But learning not to give up,

Might make you stand on the top someday.

I have heard my voices,

I have seen myself cry,

Did thought of giving up,

Never imagined that angels might drop by.

Even today I have not succeeded ,

But I ain’t giving up the dream too,

I’d like to see some dreams,

For dreams do come true….

Dream on..

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9 Responses to Dreams do come true..

  1. KrissySinc says:

    Such an inspiring thought

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  3. Archie says:

    Good work! Keep Writing!

  4. Shibu Nair says:

    Good, expressive. Keep writing..

  5. Preeti says:

    I wish all your dreams do come true.
    All the best, keep writing 🙂

  6. KrissySinc says:

    Reblogged this on bodynsoulscaping and commented:
    So very inspirational & enlightening

    • KrissySinc says:

      Sorry this is a repeat. (and worth repeating for me) I’m trying to learn about blogging/reblogging and the different tools. I hope it’s not an inconvenience for you. 🙂

  7. diksha1622 says:

    Thanks everyone.. I returned to this page after a few years and was surprised by all the comments.. Thanks for the motivation..

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