It has been a very long time since I last wrote something. My thoughts these days revolve around luck, destiny, intuition and faith. Most things that are happening around my life these days feel like bad luck, but my intuition tells me what seems to be bad luck is actually my destiny taking me to the right path. My first reaction to everything that is happening automatically becomes positive. Despite adversities, despite friends turning into well.. you know, despite obstacles and despite difficulties, my heart is full of faith. I am surprised at this change in me. I have seen myself as a very negative person but I feel different. This intuition, is it really intuition or is it my defense for adapting to bad circumstances.

I can feel my heart tell me that every door that closes in my face is preventing me from jumping off a cliff. Every fall I have is for me to rise up. Every friend I loose is to make room for new ones. My life is unbelievably difficult right now and yet all I feel is how everything has been engineered for me to reach the right address, the right door, where standing with welcoming arms, my destiny awaits.. I believe today, more than ever that what is happening is happening for the best. I am lucky to have these adversities, as this is where I am pushed out of that comfort zone to realize my true potential. This is where I actually act on the opportunities presented to me! I guess, I hope that looking back I will say that I was lucky to have bad luck back then J

About diksha1622

Poet by heart and choice, doctor by profession and training.. Trying to figure out life through words..
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