the story of ek satya

Have you ever thought about

What legacy you will leave behind

When your children’s children look through time

What do you want them to find?


I often wonder this now

As I cherish the memories hidden deep in my mind

How lucky was I that I had a nani

Who left a legacy one of a kind


Her spirit soaked in enigma

Her body frail, and yet a soul so strong

Her words inspired others

To take hurt and happiness along


There was never a moment

When her pain could find a way to her eyes

And yet her hands could write grief

I am yet to see again, a woman so wise


Born a girl so free of the real world

She would leave her mark despite the struggles of her days

A dutiful wife, a loving mother

A woman of substance without a face


While honoring the bounds of society

She broke through barriers with ease

Even as she remained tied to traditions

Inspired others to walk bold and free


Who will speak the truth

Who will carry the legacy 

Who will tell the story of ek satya

for the witness is history…..



About diksha1622

Poet by heart and choice, doctor by profession and training.. Trying to figure out life through words..
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