A Man without wings….



I know you are desperate,

For a victory you pray,

Every day I see you trying,

You put your heart in your play…

You say you never win,

Even when you work so hard,

You never show your emotions,

Keep your feelings on guard…

I know it’s exhausting,

The way you face this pain,

But don’t you dare give up on sunshine,

That follows the rain…

Angels are watching,

They surely will reply,

Wait and you will see,

A man without wings fly…

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New Picture


Holding on to hope

To find what I once lost,

Hope is an understatement

With the battles I have fought..

Miss the way love felt

When I could believe,

Tied to a justification

How can I leave…

Hurt beyond repair

Why wish to be healed,

You don’t need to aim

I am wide open in the field….



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Dreams do come true..

Life is a challenge,

And one should not run away,

It’s like searching for gold in the sand,

Do not lose hope, learn to stay.

For if you build a castle,

Wind might blow it away,

But learning not to give up,

Might make you stand on the top someday.

I have heard my voices,

I have seen myself cry,

Did thought of giving up,

Never imagined that angels might drop by.

Even today I have not succeeded ,

But I ain’t giving up the dream too,

I’d like to see some dreams,

For dreams do come true….

Dream on..

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